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Stuart Bowles as Anakin

akitla as Ahsoka Tano

Photos by Carlos Adama Geek Photography

My Ahsoka as it stands right now, sans most recent upgrades. I am in love with these photos.

(via akitla)

Playing with this design but not sure if I’m happy yet. Hmm.
Planned upgrades. Hand tooled and weathered leather.
For the curious… here’s a WIP shot of my Ahsoka efforts so far! This is by no means finished, but I wanted to trial what I had and see what needed attention, so here I am at LFCC slaying an akul a dragon. Photo courtesy of the lovely saddlethehippogriffscosplay, with whom I melted and complained about costume failures all weekend. :P
Sneak preview. Still in its very rough form!

My orange body paint smells like pineapples and this pleases me. :3 In other news, happy to report that my montrals are nearly done! I’ll post some pics later tonight I think. Someone remind me of how much I have suffered with this next time I think it’s a good idea to work with latex. Def commissioning my next pair!

My room looks like a craft store threw up all over it. Painting the stripes on my montrals tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Dear latex: can u not

Look familiar? :)
So many buckles…