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"How hard could it be?"

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Assembled a fancy belt for akitla. She found the fittings at a reenactment market.

Part of my Saxon attire, made by my boyfriend. He’s a keeper! <3



The votes are in, and here are the seven prompts for the first ever Anakin Skywalker x Padme Amidala ship week, Anidala Week 2014!

Join us and submit your works (fanart, fanfic, graphics, meta, fanvids and other creative awesomeness) beginning May the 4th.

Please read our guidelines/intro post for more details, reblog to spread the word, or send us an ask if you have any questions! MTFBWY <3

Yah! These are the themes most voted on for Anidala Week 2014, a big thanks to everyone who participated! Now then, what are you waiting for? Now that you know the prompts—hop to it and let your creative inspiration flow! <33

The prompts are in and I love them ALL. Time to get cracking!

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We’d be honored to have you participate in voting, even if you’re unable to participate in the event. Voting will be held between April 5th—April 11th, one week.

Click Here To Vote!

Any unanswered questions you have about Anidala Week 2014, feel free to contact us through our askbox. Good Luck! Have Fun! But Most Importantly — MTFBWY, Always.


Anidala Week 2014 has been organized by Matereya, Shorelle and Kazaikos 

I think I’m going to try and participate in an effort to start drawing again. I am going to be extremely busy around that time, but I think I can probably manage some sketches. :)

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My hand slipped. If anyone needs me I’ll be over here pretending this isn’t a sketch of Ahsoka trying to bring Anakin back from the dark side during one of his episodes.
Done with one cuff! Unless I decide to do fill colour on the animals, but that is time contingent. Now to make another ughh.
With a blue spiral. Jury is out on if I like it or not&#8230;
Making progress. Animal outlines finished. Now to do the acorns and oak leaves, and then it&#8217;s on to the next sleeve.

Togrutan Colonists by Defcon Unlimited

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Xena armours work in progress.


This is a totally new thing I ever try and I had so much fun doing it. 

Materials: artificial clay, metallic paints, vinyl, tears, and determination.

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Apparently Ahsoka became a seamstress post Clone Wars. Here she is helping me with my embroidery because I am an adult.